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Màrtainn Skene Trio: "RSCDS Glasgow: 100th Anniversary Dances", 2023

Leonard Brown: "Shades of Shetland", 2022


Alistair McCulloch, Andrew Forbes & Màrtainn Skene: "Sir Walter Scott, the Heart of Mid-Lothian", 2021

WHYTE: "MAIM", 2021

Tide Lines: "Eye of the Storm", 2020

WHYTE: "Tairm", 2019


Tide Lines: "Dreams We Never Lost", 2017

Donald Black: "Bho M' Chrìdhe",  2017

William Williamson: "The Folks Who Live on the Hill", 2016


Màrtainn Skene: "Chewing Gum for the Ears", 2023

RSCDS Glasgow Branch: "100th Anniversary Dances", 2023

William Williamson/ Màrtainn Skene: "The Amisfield Dances", 2015

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