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MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2022 - Dance Band of the Year Nominee

Màrtainn Skene Dance Band formed in 2014, out of the thriving dance music scene in Glasgow, centred around the famous West Coasters' haunt, the Park Bar.  We are a traditional coming-together of accordion, fiddle, piano, double bass and drums, and our music is very much rooted in the old West Highland dance music. We like to explore the roots of our music, with a punchy, driving sound.

We debuted Celtic Connections to a sell-out crowd in 2020, and have been lucky enough to travel all over the UK and Europe, playing in local halls and international festivals (Celtic Connections, RSCDS Spring Fling, Intervarsity Folk Dance Festival).

The band was featured on BBC Radio Scotland's "Take the Floor" programme in September 2017, and was invited back for a second session - as a newly-expanded six-piece lineup - which went out in September 2018, followed most recently by a third session in April 2020 and fourth in March 2022.

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